"Hire hard, manage easy" -- we're in the business of certifying
and employing a world-class team of online professionals.

On our frontend, EliteWork offers certified virtual employees to businesses around the world. On our backend, EliteWork operates a recruiting, training, and development program-- we hire directly and we hire for life. Applicants face a rigorous certification process, but our "certified employees" enjoy ongoing employment, training, and development-- especially during periods without an active client.

Applicant Requirements

Interested in becoming an Elite Worker? Please review our requirements before deciding whether you'd like to attempt our certification process.

Located in the Philippines

Although EliteWork is a US-based company, we currently hire our virtual employees out of the Philippines -- where there's a talented English-speaking workforce with a favorably low cost-of-living index.

Fluent English & Great Communication

As we serve English-speaking clients primarily based in the United States, high english fluency is required. In addition, we seek canditates with strong communication skills: clear, concise, and assertive.

Tech Savvy & Proficient

EliteWork's employees are "certified", meaning applicants are tested for proficiency in web-based tasks, including doing online research, handling difficult customers, and learning new software.

Dedicated & Dependable

EliteWork employees understand that at there are no shortcuts to success. At the end of the day, our success depends on the success of our clients, and we welcome candidates who value long-term success.

Employee Benefits

What are some benefits of working as an EliteWork employee compared to working as an independent freelancer?

Ongoing Employment

Online freelancers often go from job to job with weeks or months of unemployment in between. In contrast, EliteWork offers paid training in between clients to help ensure long-term, ongoing employment.

Career Development

EliteWork seeks employees with a passion for building a better life for themselves and their families long-term, and our employment plan includes greater rewards with greater responsibility over time.

Training Resources

At EliteWork, we believe that learning "a little each day" has powerful effects over time. We offer resources for training in Business Writing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, etc.

Team Support

Despite the convenience, working independently from home can be an isolating experience at times. EliteWork employees enjoy access to a larger team for sharing knowledge, advice, and support.

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