Frequently Asked Questions

What is EliteWork?

EliteWork is a US-based company with a world-class team of virtual employees located in the Philippines. As our main service, EliteWork offers ready-to-work, certified virtual employees for businesses. In our backend, EliteWork operates a recruitment, certification, and development program for talented virtual workers based in the Philippines.

Why hire virtual employees through EliteWork?

Why not hire employees through online job marketplaces that have millions of independent freelancers competing for jobs? As many businesses discover, it is surprisingly hard and time-consuming to find employees over the Internet who are fluent, proficient, and dedicated to their work. At the same time, highly talented freelancers often experience months of unemployment in between various online projects, making it hard to build a stable career over time. EliteWork is dedicated to solving this problem by certifying the very best people in the market and enabling them to support top companies on an ongoing basis.

What can EliteWork's virtual employees do for my business?

Based in the Philippines, all EliteWork's employees have fluent English, a US-based phone number (via Skype), and fast Internet access, so they can help handle any business processes that do not require physical presence, including:

  • Customer Service (via chat, email, phone)
  • Sales Support (inbound, lead generation, crm maintenance, meeting scheduling, etc.)
  • Billing Management (invoices, bookkeeping, payroll tracking, etc.)
  • Web Marketing (SEO, blog posts, social media presence, etc.)
  • Administrative Support (meeting scheduling, web research, etc.)

Do you have unique business processes that require unique skills? Feel free to contact us to discuss whether we have virtual employees appropriate for those roles.

Why are EliteWork's employees based in the Philippines?

The Internet enables businesses to hire virtual employees based anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, the Philippines currently has the most ideal English-speaking workforce with a favorably low cost-of-living index. In particular, the Philippines has:

  • An English-speaking nation with English as the primary medium of communication
  • A strong education system promoting a 93%+ literacy rate nationwide
  • A technological workforce with over 37,000 university IT graduates annually
  • A good work ethic with a culture that values hard work and dedication
  • A low cost-of-living index with basic living expenses over 5x lower than the US

This unique set of conditions, combined with the appropriate online communication tools, has opened an opportunity for people based in the Philippines to effectively support businesses around the world.

How does EliteWork address challenges associated with virtual employment?

Compared to working with employees in a traditional office environment, working with virtual employees can present a number of unique challenges:

  • Communication: A lack of sufficient context can often introduce time-consuming miscommunications.
  • Training: The employer must invest time to ramp up and set expectations for virtual employees.
  • Availability: Virtual employees who "disappear" during scheduled work times can understandably frustrate employers.
  • Retention: A short-term mindset that some employers and employees hold for online work leads to high attrition rates.

EliteWork is dedicated to building long-term, high-trust relationships between employers and virtual employees, aided by our systems for:

  • Selective hiring: Hiring and certifying the most skilled and committed employees on the market.
  • Internal training: EliteWork employees undergo training for effective communication with employers.
  • Daily reporting: EliteWork employees send a daily report with tasks achieved, pending questions, and tomorrow's plan.
  • Screen sharing: Employers can use screen sharing software to help train and monitor employees.
  • Ongoing education: EliteWork seeks to continually educate both employers and employees regarding best practices.

How soon can EliteWork employees start helping my business?

We typically have a small pool of certified employees actively doing ongoing training and available for an interview with you. Assuming the interview goes well, the employee you select can typically be available to start the initial trial period within 24-48 hours. Of course, you would need to set aside a decent amount of time during the initial weeks to help ensure the employee is properly trained regarding your business.

Can I hire part-time (instead of full-time) virtual employees?

At this time, EliteWork primarily supports hiring virtual employees on a full-time basis. But if you have specific employment needs, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.

How can I be assured that my business information will be kept confidential?

In addition to contractual guarantees of client confidentiality, EliteWork ensures that the importance of assuming all internal business information as confidential is stressed during our pre-certification training process. Of course, we do believe that "trust" can only be built over time, and we'd appreciate the opportunity to start with smaller responsibilities and earn your trust over time.

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